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A few words

about Me

Three months ago, I had no idea my life would change so dramatically.

I lived in Ukraine…

I had a house with a big beautiful garden, my own music school, event agency and confidence in the future. 

But some crazy idiot decided to ruin the lives of millions of people.

As soon as the first bombs started dropping around my house, I put the kids in the car, took two bags and drove off towards the border. I left behind a whole happy life that I loved so much.

Those were the months of tears in my life. Every day I prayed for my country and for all the people who remained there, in the terrible occupation of the Russian orcs.

In Canada, I’m starting a new life from scratch.

The main thing is that I came with a very great inspiration, which always lives in my soul — music.It gives the desire to live and enjoy every new day.

And I am very pleased with my students: with each lesson I see the fire in their eyes become brighter. They fall in love with music as I have.

I invite you to my music class. It will be interesting and fun. To get started — just call me  or write me a message.

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First we will meet and decide on the purpose of our lessons. Why did you decide to study music? For pleasure or to achieve professional success?


about my teaching style

I teach people how to unlock their potential

If you want to play music you can.

If you want to sing you can.

And you can do it well. Like, really well! Talent is not a thing. In fact, I’ve never met a student who wasn’t able to play music well.  

With Natasha we learn both vocals and piano. Her approach to students is something amazing! First, our son Terry took lessons. But now even my mom joined the class. It turned out that She always dreamed of playing the piano. Thanks to Natasha for this opportunity - learn with pleasure!

Kane William

Natasha is a true master of vocal art. I’ve always been shy to sing. I always thought I wasn’t talented enough to do it. But after a few lessons my voice has changed so much. Now I think about that I can perform on stage at the university. Maybe not right now, but in a couple of months:)


What my students say about classes

way I work

First we get to know each other so that I can learn about your goals .
I usually ask: «Why did you choose to play music? For fun or for professional success?»
After that, I find out what level you are in music.

And then we agree on an individual plan which will lead to the result that you want to achieve.
And of course after that, we finally get to start the exciting music lessons

Why Choose me?

Highly Experienced

In Ukraine, I successfully taught music for 15 years. I prepared students for admission to musical colleges even when they had no musical experience

Deeply empathic

It is very important when your teacher can tune in to your wave. This is one of the secrets of my approach

Group activities are available

We often organize family activities. It gives you the opportunity to support each other and brings the family together

In person AT HOME

Learning at home is more convenient than commuting to classes

Popular questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I don’t have a musical instrument
    For the first lessons the presence of a musical instrument is not necessary. I take my musical instrument to classes and we practice on it
  • If I have no ear for music and general musical talent
    Musical hearing is what you were born with. If you hear sound, you have musical hearing. If you can talk, you have a voice. Don’t think about failure, let’s practice for a month to see how talented you really are
  • Where are the lessons and how much it costs
    Lessons are always offline at your home. The price of the lesson varies from 50С$ to 80С$ and depends on whether we only do vocals or piano or both.
  • If for any reason I want to take a break from classes
    We can always stop classes. My experience is that students who have experienced the pleasure of music want to feel it again and again. So after a break, almost all the students come back to me